Jerry Lee, (1999-2014) R.I.P.


Jerry loved starched pillow cases, fresh cut grass, butterflies, flowers, and could not resist the temptation of a piece a crumpled tin foil.

Salmon juice was her favorite drink. She took it straight up, and when she was finished, she would pound her paws on the table for more. She was also known for tapping Pam on the back in the middle of the night, almost to say: “Are you awake, Pam?”

Jerry Lee died today at 1:30.

She will be missed greatly by Pam, Lucy, Ebony and Minnie (to some degree), Grandpa and Grandma, too.

Goodbye my  muffin head; rest in peace.



I caught Trooper last night in concert at Woodstock’s Southside Park. They were great! Have not heard of them? They’re a Canadian band who were popular in the 1970’s.

Take a listen.


Robin Williams, 1951-2014.

Robin Williams


You will be missed.

A Food Bank for Anna

anna and roy

Anna is hungry and so is her family.

This week Anna Windass of the British tv soap “Coronation Street” put her pride aside and went to the local food bank to feed her family. She broke down once inside, sobbing uncontrollably.  There she was instructed about the sobering facts of hunger and realized that she was not alone. It can happen to anyone.

Illness, unemployment, disability are all issues that can leave someone desperate. It’s said that an individual should have enough savings, (accessible funds ) for three years of recovery. That’s how long it takes for someone to get back on their feet. If you pay out $1, 500 a month in expenses, multiply that by 36 months. ($54,000) Most people do not have that much put away, and take in mind, I have not considered any emergencies you might have in those three years, nor medical prescriptions.

Hence, you can see why it’s very easy for people to end up on welfare. If there is no recovery in this scenario, the prognosis is grim and leaves one relying on social assistance indefinitely.

The ease of getting food in this episode is perhaps not realistic. Here are some misconceptions I noticed in the show:

1. Generally, you do not just walk in. You have to set up an appointment where you register to see if you are indeed eligible. Your income and expenses are documented and any changes must be noted to the agency immediately.

2. As well, you are generally only allowed one visit per month. This is due to the incredible demand for food in Ontario. Some cities have more than one food bank, so if you are really organized, you could visit one per week.

3. It’s common for food banks to close in the summer months. Donations are down during the summer. Hunger is not just at Christmas. People tend to forget about the people in need during the remaining 11 months of the year. This is somewhat ironic too since produce is plentiful during the summer.

4. Many food donations are stale or past their date of expiration. I have often heard people complain about others who take advantage of food banks. I am not sure if that’s an accurate perception.

So, please think of Anna or the women she represents.

If you have a garden right now and have excess stock, I encourage you to drop these vegetables off to your nearest food bank.





1914 – 2014: One Hundred Years…


Other than one quote here, it’s an interesting article. The media cannot seem to win. Either there is too little coverage or not enough. I enjoy reading every aspect of the Great War.

Originally posted on Contra Spem Spero... Et Rideo:

100. A magical number — very round, three digits, exceeds current human life expectation…

The centenary of the Great War ( 28 July 1914 –11 November 1918). It was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, paving the way for major political changes, including revolutions in many of the nations involved, says Wikipedia, and it knows.

For days, the news media was overflowing with images of princes, princesses and world dignitaries without titles photogenically bowing their heads in every spot appropriate for the occasion . Photographs of the battlefields coated with corpses, accounts of seeing comrades blown apart by artillery fire…

British soldiers dash towards the enemy lines in 1914, not long after war broke out.

British soldiers dash towards the enemy lines in 1914, not long after war broke out.

As 888,246 red ceramic flowers stood abloom around the Tower of London, I read an excellent article in the Guardian,  1914: the Great War has become a nightly pornography of violence by Simon Jenkins. It…

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I love lilies!!


The smell is lovely, too. I’d like to say this is from my garden, but it’s not

Video Referencing

I have been watching the Sixties documentary show on CNN. The show is exceptional.

The Civil Rights Episode showcases interesting clips of Dr. King. There are some clips there that I have never seen before.

I like King. How can you not like a man who promoted change through non-violence? From the video clips, he seemed to have been a kind, jovial man. I bet he was that type of man where small children ran to him for a hug.

It was devastating to hear that he had been shot in the face. I knew he had been shot since I was a little girl. I knew he had died at a hotel by an assassin’s bullet, but I did not know that the assailant had aimed for his face. That’s hatred for you.

This got me thinking about the Civil Rights Movement.

I pulled up the internet, or Youtube to be precise, and looked for video clips. These events are all there: BirminghamBloody Sunday, Mississippi. Online videos are a referencing system; they become a history lesson for those unable to read the book or take the history class. One video leads you to another, and so on and so. Soon, the entire day has passed.

Due to the personal aspect of videos one must be selective. Anyone can spout their racist and homophobic feelings on Youtube. One must be smart enough to spot it.

For this posting, let’s concentrate on the positive of videos as videos can be a constructive aid to understanding the world.

Video can be placed in one of three categories:

1) Instructing

2) Informing

3) Entertaining

Instructional videos show you how to bake a cake or make a quilt. Many people learn by watching. This is where video becomes a valuable teaching tool. Classroom instruction has now taken to include videos as a regular part of class. Who has not seen a school presentation that has not included some sort of Youtube clip?

Entertainment is really the simplest form of video found online. Here is where you see the crazy pet videos or the girls gone wild at spring break. I will refrain from showing you the video of my cat trying to roll over. (It is really cute, though.)

Of course, informing is another major use of video. News broadcasters have used video to their benefit. Now people can watch news events almost as they are happening. Cell phones make taking and uploading video easy.  Many news shows will actually pay civilians to send them news footage. News gets to you faster than ever now, thanks to video feeds.

Remember Rodney King? This was perhaps the first glimpse of how  people can use video to their advantage.

Imagine if the soldiers on board the boats at Dieppe had brought cell phones! If only Moses had his Iphone when he parted the red sea. History would have been more informed. The enemy would always be one video feed away.

Sometimes people use video inappropriately. I am afraid that people are going to become more and more daring when it comes to video. This is perhaps the future of the medium and that is unfortunate. We often see these individuals on the evening news, charged for their offenses. Video should be used productively, and shall I add, perhaps morally.

How can it be used effectively?

Some politicians should be under video surveillance – around the clock. This would lessen, but maybe not cure their antics. No more crack smoking; no more verbal rants. Why? Because it would all be recorded and the camera does not lie. (I know. He would just deny it. “That’s not me. That’s just someone who looks and sounds like me”.)

I would also like to see video used to show the advancement of disease.

Think you have heart disease? Cancer? Lupus? Still smoking?

Check out the state of your lungs, or any other internal organ, on your cell phone every morning. Get your blood cell count. Check for inflammation. This would allow people to monitor their filthy habits and live a healthier life. (How the camera would get in your body is perhaps a topic for another blog.)

I enjoy the video format, perhaps more as a creator. There was a time when I dreamed of Hollywood and seeing my name on the back of a director’s chair. I still create videos somewhat on my own. I have a few on Youtube that you can check out. I am not an expert, but I am still learning.

Creating video is really fun. That’s what is comes down to. Anyone now can really become a film maker. Technology has made it so easy.

Go for a walk this afternoon and check out what you could be filming: that dog chasing a cat, the old lady picking up beer cans, a mother and child arguing. It’s endless. I will be looking for your video clips on Youtube!



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